How long will delivery take?

Your order will be dispatched to you as soon as it is ready and usually within 48 hours. Some of our brands make your items to order, sometimes by hand & this can take time, but be patient, your unique piece will be worth the wait!

You will receive an email when your item is dispatched & tracking details will be provided. Remember, your order may arrive in separate packages.

Timescales for delivery are always displayed on the product page at the time of ordering, but if in doubt please get in touch.

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    Is there any way I can get my parcel to me before Friday?

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    So 2/3 working days is a lie? 

    Dismal customer service but you have my money now and I have no dress

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    Stephany Guerrero

    I purchased a dress a week ago and still have not received anything. Every time i try to track it, it just says "Your item is now leaving the UK. More information will be available when it arrives in the destination country." it gives me no other details in regards to the order.. if I knew this would have taken longer than a week I would have ordered from a different site. 

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